Tanning Cowhides to preserve their natural beauty, is not everyone’s cup of tea. Its surprisingly complicated, unique and lengthy process which can take up to six weeks. At LeatherOn, our cowhide leather specialists are producing finest quality natural cowhides as per our client’s requirements.

We have one of the biggest selections of cowhides and its products in stock. The hand-selected cow skins are chromium hand-tanned in the traditional method so they are organic and long lasting, and have no smell at all.

In addition to different Leather Hides, we are making custom products from our own well-tanned cowhides. Many of these products are handcrafted, and suit traditional and modern interiors.

Our cowhide products include patchwork rugs, bags, pillows, belts, hats, placemats, runners, coasters and much more customized products as you want.